Ain’t No Party Like an Ethical Party

Unless you’ve been in space for the past couple of months it’s highly probable that you’ve been aware of the discussions both by politicians and on social media about single-use plastics and the need to reduce our reliance on them. Plastics are making their way into our soil, our oceans and our wildlife and, thanks in part to David Attenburgh’s amazing series Blue Planet 2 (BBC), the world is now sitting up to take notice. (By the way, if you have been in space for the past couple of months, nice one. Although photos or it didn’t happen). 

Everywhere we go we see plastics – in our kitchens, in the kids’ toy-box, in cars and even in the device that you’re looking at right now. The plastics that are being found in the oceans are, by and large, the “disposable” kind – spoons, forks, bottles and (of course) plastic bags. The statistics are depressing – globally, more than one million plastic bags are used every minute and each bag has an average “working life” of only 15 minutes. (From More happily however there are alternatives. There is an abundance of cotton tote bags in which to carry your shopping (lots of wonderful bags on I think this is my fave), and you can buy a variety of refillable water bottles, saving you money in the long run. See also stainless steel straws, reusable coffee cups, bamboo party cutlery and on and on and on. 

There’s a good argument to be made for buying items that last. Economically, as well as ecologically, it makes sense. The cost of living in the UK is at its highest point in six years and buying well-made, resilient items is a better use of your hard-earned, no?  

At Badger Belle we feel strongly about protecting our planet. By offering attractive and long lasting alternatives to the throwaway items so readily available we hope to move towards a future of less waste. We feel that this is a powerful message to pass through the generations (along with our bunting which can be brought out at family celebration for many years!). In short, as well as wanting to decorate our homes for our special events, we want to do so whilst having as minimal an impact on our environment as we can. We love our planet!