Spring Fever

It feels like it has been a long time coming this year, but spring is finally here. There are flowers blooming, the kids are playing outside and I’ve enjoyed more than one cup of tea al fresco. I love this time of year, when the earth starts to warm up and everything looks considerably more verdant from my window. We can (cautiously) remove the many layers of wool and enjoy feeling the sun and the breeze on our skin.

For me, spring is when I truly feel a new year has begun. January is still cold, dark and dull. It’s not an easy time to keep to our resolutions. Spring, on the other hand, when the evenings are lighter, the temperature rises and the sun shines, seems like a natural time for new beginnings. Want to exercise more? It’s still light after work, go for a walk or a run. Need to eat more healthily? Salads make much more sense when you’re not huddled by the radiator. Spring cleaning could in theory happen at any time of the year, but the urge to throw open the windows and air our homes is made all the stronger right now. In short, it seems like nature is helping us to keep our resolutions.

There are many different ways that global cultures say goodbye to the winter and welcome the spring. Flower festivals in the Netherlands and Australia and beautiful celebrations of cherry blossom in Japan provide colourful spectacles to encourage us outdoors. Across Great Britain there are Spring Fetes, local traditions to observe (well-dressing Derbyshire, cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire) and of course endless conversations about the still-unpredictable weather. (Honestly though, has anyone ever been able to start a conversation at a bus stop without weather as an opener?)

The general sense of new beginnings and of nature being reborn in spring can also inspire us to make larger life changes of our own – a new career, a new hobby or even a new home. What changes do you have planned for the months ahead? Do you feel inspired to take up something new? Whatever your new adventures, go forth with the joys of spring!

That said, if you’re still loving the indoors and would rather watch Netflix until summer rolls round, then go right ahead. In the half an hour it took me to write this post, the rain has started. Kettle on…


“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” 

(Sonnet XCVIII -William Shakespeare)